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Vineyard International Bible Education or V.I.B.E is a series of courses which has been running since 2007. We have designed these courses to be a very practical, very Spirit—led time of teaching, training, equipping and ministering to each other. It has always been our desire to teach very practically & simply, the message and ministry of the Kingdom.

We believe that every believer who is submitted to the work of Jesus in their heart can do the works of Jesus as stated in Matt 28 & Mark 16. It is therefore our desire that everybody who is willing and open to God will be taught and allowed to minister as God leads them. So come ready to learn and do!
If you’re thinking about being involved or apart of leadership in any department of this church, then going through this course is compulsory! Don’t worry there are no exams or tests, our only standard for completion is attendance. For those that miss no more than 4 lessons in any course will get an award at the end of the year at our annual award ceremony.

It is therefore, with great excitement and privilege we invite you to join the VIBE!!