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There is nothing NEW under the sun (Eccl 1.9).

Yet we can all learn many lessons from history both good, bad and ugly!

Church history is no different. In the last 2000 years many teachings have come and gone. They appear again and again with names changed, tweaked a bit here and there but in the main remain the same! Nothing new!

Whilst this is true of good theology, theology that is somewhat questionable also makes its appearance under the guise of changed names.

We must ask, where have we heard this before? So, it is imperative for us in the current church to revisit our theologies!

Are we following the Biblical Christ?

Do we have the authentic gospel?

Are we serving the authentic Christ?

Are we becoming the authentic church?

Can we say we are becoming authentic leaders in a war-torn world where satan is the ‘father of lies’?

Our Tuesday morning gathering this September is attempting to address some of this in a series entitled, ‘Reflections on the Kingdom of God’

Our goals:

1.       To be more like Jesus in life and in ministry.
2.       To embrace, live and teach the Bible.