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Come & join our highly motivated team:

Who can benefit from this class?
This class is open to everyone : men, women and children.

What can you expect at a class?
Our methods include a mixture of dance, eastern & western, light, medium & high tech
aerobics & taebo.

Our latest workout:

The Exercise Ball: gives the best possible workout - the ball is uniquely versatile and shows how you can:
Lose weight, have total workout with low impact to joints and ligaments, guards against back problems by working on your core stability and strengthens and tones each individual muscle in the body. This in conjunction with our nutritious eating plan, guarantee's a healthier YOU!!

While exercising you are promised a whole lot of fun......

Join us at these times:
Tuesday 9:30am – 10:30am

Call (031) 4010319 or 072 215 4499 to book a session